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Rehabilitation centre in Sant Ravidas Nagar 

Are you looking for a rehab centre in Sant Ravidas Nagar that keeps up with the changes and your addiction recovery? Contact us today, we are for you the best and most affordable addiction recovery treatment. During addiction recovery a patient goes through a roller coaster of emotions. There are a lot of physical changes happening in the body which often result in mental stress, depression and anxiety. In the worst case scenario, patients end up taking their own life. 

If you don’t want your loud one to completely destroy their life then it is high time for you to get into a recovery program. 

The role of therapy and counselling therapy sessions 

For an addiction recovery it is very essential to focus on the right therapy and counselling sessions. People require the right direction to get out of the trap of addiction. Everyday we see many teenagers and youngsters falling into the trap of addiction and completely ruining their life. 

Here is a quick glimpse of the difference between individual therapy and group therapy sessions. 

What is individual therapy? 

Individual therapy sessions help with emotional and personality problems in disorders. It is a therapy session in which one on one attention is given to the patients and all of their problems are given proper attention.

What is a group therapy session?

A group therapy session is the one in which a group of individuals or treated together who are facing similar personal health issues. If a person is an addict in that case group therapy session. 

Which one is more effective? 

Individual therapy or group therapy sessions are impactful and helpful. Both of them have their own benefits and side effects.  So, you can decide according to your comfort. Both the treatments are effective and have their own benefits. To get out of addiction you need dedication and the right support and our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Sant Ravidas Nagar offers you the best and most affordable rehab services. 






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