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Rehabilitation centre in Mau 

Can’t find a rehabilitation cemtre in Mau, that meet your expectation? We are the best. Get in touch with our rehabilitation cemtre in Mau, where quality treatment and effective results are assured.

We have been in this industry for years and know how to deal with ana addict. Our team members are an expert in handling addicts and their problems. We ensure that no one has to suffer due to addiction and everyone deserves a second chance. 

We have highly experienced doctors, nurses, counselor and therapists who are ready to help you anytime. Our team members have complete knowledge about the addiction behaviour and therapies. Our treatmnet process last for 4-6 months and have great imapct on an individual. 

The treatment process at our rehabilitation cemtre in Mau

Step 1:

In this stage, we remove all the toxins from the body of the patient. This is quite a tiring process. Therefore, our team is available for 24- hours assistance. THis is quite length and long procedure and involves a lot of dedication. During this phase  the patient may suffer from withdrawal symptoms like hallucinations, vomiting and nausea. So, the patient is kept under 24 hours. 

Step 2: 

You get the best counseling and therapy sessions from experts, certified counselors, and therapists to help you cope with the changes. We offer you family therapy and group counseling sessions to help in faster recovery.  We offer you quality support whenever required. Our team members rae avliable for 24 hours.

Step 3:  

Once the patient starts recovering, we focus on building skills and enhancing their qualities. Here, we offer skill-building activities to grow their writing, photography, or many more. This is one of the most crucial state as once the patient starts getting back to their senses and judgement, we help them in developing a new skill.

Step 4:  

We create an environment where all the patients come together and talk about their life, success and failures. We organize a community support system to help people grow and learn together. These sessions help patients in believing that they are also a part of the community and not different. 

Step 5:

We offer you after therapies to prevent relapse. Many patients get back into addiction once they go back to their everyday life. So, these after treatments help the patient in staying away from addiction.

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