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Rehabilitation centre in Lakhimpur Kheri

Addiction is painful, yes but getting out of it can be a real task. You need to be dedicated and determined to get out of it. You need the right treatment and medication to get out of it. Medication is quite crucial when you are looking to get out of it.

Our treatment process is quite impactful and you are going to love the positive environment. We have the best team of doctors, psychologists, counselors, therapists, and other medical staff. They have years of experience and precise knowledge.

We offer a customized treatment approach to our customers depending upon their body needs. We follow a 12-step holistic program approach to help patients get out of addiction. This includes detoxification counseling and therapies, yoga and meditation, after therapies, and skill-building sessions.

Why do you need a Nasha Mukti Kendra in Lakhimpur Kheri?

Dealing with addiction is quite challenging. But with family and friends’ efforts and the right treatment, you can get over it. We follow a 12-step holistic program approach and offer a home-life safe environment to our patients. From Ac and Non Ac rooms to the quality vegetarian and non-vegetarian food menu, we offer you the best facility at the most competitive prices.

Along with this, we offer to pick and drop service, satellite television, a coffee and tea facility, and a lot more. There is proper space for recreational activities. Every morning there are yoga and meditation sessions which are quite impactful. This helps one to cope with the changes and deal with the challenges. 

After the detoxification process completes, you might observe withdrawal symptoms like vomiting, nausea, and hallucinations. During this phase, the patient remains under 24 hours observation, our staff members are ready to help the individual. The doctors are available for 24 hours in case of any emergency. 

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During this time family and loved ones’ support is quite crucial. You cannot lecture them all and get angry at them. Instead, you will need to understand their situation and help them out. You will need to make them realize how important they are to you. 

Be a part of our counseling and therapy sessions. We offer individual, group, and family therapy sessions. We have the best techniques so that the patient can control the urge to use an addictive substance. 

Get in touch with the best team members, and make sure we offer you quality and believe in yourself!   






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