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Rehabilitation Centre in Dausa 

Remember, you are precious and so is your life. Addiction can cause real problems in life. So, it is very important to join a Nasha Mukti Kendra in Dausa. A rehab centre is very crucial for the treatment of an addict. It helps in faster and strict recovery. The treatment process in a rehab centre in Dausa lasts for 4-6 months or a year, depending upon the present condition of the patient. 

Treatment approach for addiction treatment at our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Dausa

We at our rehab centre in Dausa offer you a 12-step holistic program approach. Our treatment process is quite impactful and we guarantee results within 4-to 6 months depending upon the present condition of the patient. 

Stage 1: Assessments 

It is very important before starting the treatment process, that the patients need to go through the assessments and tests. At the initial stage, we conduct some tests and assessments. This is to get an idea about how the patient’s present condition is. According to the assessments, the treatment plan is prepared for the patient. After doing some tests, the patient gets through conversation with the doctors and gives a brief about their history with drugs or other addictive substances.  

Stage 2: Detoxification

After conducting tests and assessments of the patients our team prepares a customised treatment program according to patients’ needs and requirements. In the process of detoxification, the toxins are removed from the body of an individual.

Stage 3: Counselling and therapies

Counselling and therapies are the most important aspect when it comes to addiction treatment. During the detoxification process, we ensure that the patients get time to time counselling and therapies. This helps them to cope with the current changes in their body and surroundings. Also, during the detoxification process, there were regular yoga and exercise sessions early in the morning.

Stage 4: Skill Building

Once the detoxification process is completed we offer skill-building sessions. Here, the patients learn new skills like cooking, painting, photography, and other skills.

Stage 5: After Therapy

Once the addiction treatment is completed the prime focus is given to after therapies. There are regular sessions with the counsellor after the treatment so that the chances of relapse are reduced.

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